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Learning for success

Educators are always seeking inspiring ways to keep their students engaged and motivated. Magnobrain games are a great resource for educators to increase student engagement and enhance learning in the classroom. These games are based on the neuroscience of words and are a great cross-curricular tool, whether you are trying to enhance your curriculum or differentiate instruction.

Students from kindergarten to grade 12 can use our revolutionary brain games to challenge their short and long term memory while developing their academic vocabulary. Students may face challenges as they strive to develop their academic vocabulary. This can be overcome by helping students and parents understand that learning is a cognitive process that takes place in the brain and that it takes time for each student’s brain to master vocabulary skills. Learning involves a series of complex mental processes and your memory is a critical part of it.

The four R’s of a successful learner are:
• Relate – apply information being taught to daily experiences.
• Retain – transfer important information to long-term memory.
• Recall – move important information from long-term memory to working memory.
• Reinforce – use fun, engaging and cognitively stimulating activities to enhance memory.

Join us as we revolutionize the learning experience for our students. Let’s make learning fun again.


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