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Inspiring Learning through Play

Inspirational learning is the quest to make every learning experience as nurturing as possible. Working together, we can develop the academic, social, emotional, and physical potential of a child, despite cognitive or physical challenges. When students, parents and educators view learning as a lifelong journey, the growth mindset can guide them to a path of success.

Magnobrain games are designed using brain-based research to ignite learning and student engagement in and out of the classroom. Play is the most natural activity of learning that can be observed in almost all species while words are the most powerful thing that distinguishes humans from all other species. When we understand the neuroscience of words and how they change brain chemistry and structure, we can better choose words that empower us for success.

  • Words stimulate our thoughts.
  • Thoughts make up our mind.
  • Our mind instructs our actions.
  • Our actions define who we are.

As we work together, let us develop the learning circle for the success of all our children


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